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If William I had lost the battle of Hastings, Oswestry wouldn't exist, this Website would be called Maesbury-History, and I'd be surrounded by a large town, probably bigger than Oswestry has become. - John Davis, January 2006

John Davis traces Maesbury's past from prehistoric times - Maesbury History - Webinfo



Coal mining - Oswestry-History Notes

Montgomery Canal
Information and Photographs - Pete's Montgomery Canal Website

Map of the Montgomery Canal - Webinfo

DUCHESS COUNTESS Project Website has a lot of information and photographs of life on the Canal.

Morda Hall, Morda House and Morda Hospital are all names associated with the former Oswestry Workhouse and Poor Law Union - click link to see Oswestry-History Info

Notes and references to Coal Mining in the Morda area can be found here - Oswestry-History Info.


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