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Fairs in Oswestry
Fairs and Markets were an important part of Oswestry's early development.
Webinfo by Samantha Letters, Online Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs in England Wales to 1516
More information at Domesday Book: 1540-1750 - Victoria History of the Counties of England

Ffordd Saeson
A Bronze age trackway which connected Anglesey to the Severn Valley - Web info

FitzAlan (son of Alan)
Lords of Oswestry and very influential family for two hundred years after the Norman conquest - Webinfo

Football in Oswestry
The unusual story of football in Oswestry - The New Saints FC - Webinfo
Oswestry Town F.C. Wikipedia article
William Davies (footballer born 1855) & Oswestry White Stars Wikipedia article

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